Employee Benefits for Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Sole Proprietors

If you are working on your own as a self-employed contractor, freelancer or sole proprietor you may be wondering how you can obtain health and dental benefits for yourself. You are right to want to protect yourself and/or your family as you likely do not have an employer to rely on when you are on your own.

We specialize in employee benefit plans for small businesses. Our plan options start at one person and up. We can provide a plan for all of the below self-employed individuals:

  • Home based businesses;
  • Sole proprietors;
  • Freelancers;
  • Self-employed contractors or independent contractors; and
  • One-person corporations.

The Chambers Plan

The Chambers Plan is a perfect fit for small businesses. It is a true benefits plan and will offer coverage for as little as one person and up. There are even options that require no medical for approval. The rates are stable from year to year as the plan the pools claims across over 30,000 Canadian small businesses so you are not singled out for a huge rate increase when you need to use your coverage.

It’s Simple

You will have access to a local advisor to provide you with quotes, set-up your plan and help you with ongoing support. Additionally, there is a national customer service centre who is available to help however possible.

You gain access to online systems that are accessible through your computer, phone or tablet to administer your plan including submitting or tracking claims. Furthermore, you can access your drug card and booklets; add employees as you grow; keep your records current; access your billing statements online and more, from anywhere, at your convenience.

There are no industry restrictions, all for-profit organizations are eligible, and not-for-profits may be able to obtain coverage as well.

It’s Stable

The Chambers Plan provides stable and predictable rates as it is a not-for-profit program with all surpluses staying in the plan to lower premiums. You are not singled out for high claims; your rates stay stable and predictable by pooling claims with over 30,000 Canadian small businesses and over 145,000 employees.

The plan is non-cancellable due to your claims being too high. This is an often overlooked and extremely important plan detail.

It’s Smart

Owners gain access to professional accounting, legal and human resource experts through the Business Assistance Service, at no additional cost.

Plan participants are able to access Best Doctor® services. Have you ever felt unsure about a diagnosis? Left your doctor’s office with unanswered questions? Or perhaps wanted an expert to review your treatment plan? Best Doctors can help.

Submit most claims electronically and enjoy quick, accurate payments that can be directly deposited into your bank account in just days.

What’s Covered?

If you have a pre-existing health issue, already use prescription drugs, or a medical history we can set you up with a no medical health and dental benefits starter plan. This is also a great starter plan for those with a budget that can not yet afford them the luxury of more comprehensive plan or those who are looking to cover basic, day-to-day, health, drug and dental expenses.

In terms of extended health care, a starter plan will cover prescription drugs, vision, emergency health coverage while travelling, paramedical services (massage, chiropractor, etc.), ambulance, nursing care, hearing aids, medical supplies and equipment, orthotics and more.

For dental coverage, there are different levels available which can cover basic services, endodontic services, periodontal services, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, scaling, polishing and more.

The starter plan is more comprehensive than individual, or personal health starter plans (with no medical) in the market and unlike most individual or personal coverage, there is also no overall lifetime maximum placed on the plan as a whole.

Additionally, if you have a clean medical history you can add benefits such as enhanced life insurance, enhanced health coverage, enhanced prescription drug coverage, weekly indemnity, long-term disability insurance, dependent life insurance, critical illness insurance and business overhead expense coverage.

Cost Plus

Cost Plus is a cost efficient and tax effective means of supplementing existing benefit coverage. Working along side your Chambers Plan group benefit coverage, Cost Plus can cover items not covered or paid for by your group plan. It can reimburse these costs on a tax-free basis to individuals and be paid with pre-tax dollars through your company, creating a business deduction like group insurance premiums.

Cost Plus can be used by most businesses, but there may be limits as to the total amounts deductible to the business under this arrangement. Employers should consult their tax advisor(s) before establishing a Cost Plus arrangement to ensure it is right for their business.

What Happens When You Retire?

That would be a great question to ask when considering your long-term outlook and planning. The Chambers Plan offers retiring owners and principals the option to easily transition from their Chambers Plan benefit coverage to a unique individual health and dental plan for themselves and their dependents.

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