Best Doctors recognizes that people with serious illnesses may lack the guidance and support essential to successfully access the best medical care. By connecting individuals and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists, Best Doctors provides answers that mean a correct diagnosis and treatment recommendations, fewer invasive procedures, and better outcomes. Members don’t have to leave home or incur any additional cost, and every step of the way a dedicated Member Advocate (Registered Nurse) is available for one-on-one support and guidance. Best Doctors services are included with some employee benefits programs, including the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.


Best Doctors Canada




Provides you with an in-depth review of your medical files by world renowned specialists to confirm the right diagnosis and right treatment options. The InterConsultation service is at the core of everything Best Doctors does. It provides members with additional information, answers their questions and reassures them that their diagnosis and treatment plan are appropriate.


Helps you navigate the healthcare system and take control of your own healthcare. This is accomplished by providing ongoing one-on-one support, customized health information and access to local resources. Best Doctors 360 is not just for serious illnesses, and can help all members.

Best Doctors 360 was created to ensure each Best Doctors member has knowledge of the programs and services available to them in their local area. Best Doctors provides information such as public and private home care, respite services, volunteer drivers to take them to medical appointments, elder care, Meals on Wheels and local chapters of Foundations and Societies.

Best Doctors members also gain access to a comprehensive database of medical programs and services as well as the answers they need to navigate the healthcare system. Information such as wait times, finding a local family doctor, drug funding programs, access to clinical trials, nutritional and wellness and health assessment tools are all part of Best Doctors 360.


Best Doctors can locate a specialist if you need one. Terms and conditions apply.


Best Doctors can locate an out-of-country specialist if you need one. Terms and conditions apply.


You can call Best Doctors if you or your eligible dependents have been diagnosed with a serious illness, or if a serious illness is suspected. Your medical condition will be reviewed thoroughly, and your diagnosis and treatment plans verified.

In the past twenty years, Best Doctors has reviewed tens of thousands of cases. In 27% of cases the diagnosis has been changed or refined. In 60% of cases, treatment plans have been modified.

Best Doctors can also be called if you need help navigating the healthcare system or have questions about your healthcare.

Reasons to call in summary:

  • You are looking for a second opinion
  • You need help navigating the healthcare system
  • You are looking for a specialist
  • You are unsure about or have questions about your treatment
  • You have questions about a test you’ve had done
  • You have questions about your healthcare
  • You need to travel outside of Canada to see a specialist
  • You need help managing your symptoms
  • You need help communicating with your doctor
  • You have a serious medical condition

Best Doctors is an extremely valuable addition to any employee benefits program. The program provides invaluable support if significant medical issues arise. For employers, the benefit improves employee retention and repositions employee health insurance benefits by offering more than just financial support.

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